Hi there!

Poly Haven is a curated public asset library for visual effects artists and game designers, providing useful high quality 3D assets in an easily obtainable manner.

There are no paywalls, accounts or email forms required, just download an asset and use it without worry.

All assets here are CC0, which means they're practically free of copyright and you may use them for absolutely any purpose.

Greg Zaal
Director, HDRIs, Dev
Rob Tuytel
Co-founder, Textures
Rico Cilliers
Models, Textures
James Ray Cock
Dario Barresi
Jandre van Heerden
Models, Textures
Sergej Majboroda
Dimitrios Savva
Textures, HDRIs
Jarod Guest
Amal Kumar
Charlotte Baglioni


Got a question? Please read the FAQ first :)

The easiest ways to get hold of us is through email ([email protected]) or on Discord.

Why are we doing this?

Because we can!

And because we believe we can help the greater 3D community grow by providing our assets for free rather than selling them.

We want to lower the barrier of entry for new artists, remove financial barriers, and make it easier for experienced artists to focus on creativity rather than re-inventing the wheel for every prop they need.

How are we doing this?

We're a small remote studio based in South Africa, working with creators around the world who share our vision.

Funding-wise, we're supported primarily by donations from people like you on Patreon, advertising revenue, and corporate sponsors who believe they can benefit from supporting our work in the long term.

For the creation of assets, there are three sources:

  1. Artists employed by Poly Haven, focusing on the big picture.
  2. Independent contractors we hire, tasked with specific projects.
  3. Users who freely donate their work to the platform.


Since the majority of our funding comes from donations, it's important to us that anyone can see what we're up to, what we're planning, and the reasoning behind all of our decisions.

Sharing our assets is our priority, but we also want to share our knowledge, so that others might learn how to create assets like ours and perhaps share them as well.

  • We write regular Dev Logs on our blog to share what we've been working on recently.
  • Our posts on Patreon are also a good place to find smaller updates and polls when we need help making decisions.
  • Discord is where we hang out every day, feel free to say hi!
  • Our social media is primarily automated for posting our latest assets, but we're occasionally active there too (links in the footer).
  • Our finance reports detail exactly how we spend or save our funds.

How you can help

1. Support us on Patreon

If you have some disposable income and you want to help us publish more free HDRIs, textures and 3D models, you can support us with a small monthly donation on Patreon :)

In return, we can give you some small token of thanks, like access to a cloud folder that you can sync to your hard drive so you always have our latest assets at your fingertips, or immortalize your name on our site.

We use your donations directly to cover our expenses and fund new assets, as verified by our finance reports.

2. Donate your assets

Have a top-notch 3D model, texture or HDRI you'd like to share with the community? We'd love to publish it for you :)

We have a strict standard of quality to maintain, and everything we publish has to be CC0, but if your asset is accepted the whole 3D community will benefit from it. Read more and submit your asset here.

3. Spread the word

It's OK if you can't afford to, or don't want to donate to us :) You can still help us grow by making sure your friends and co-workers know about us, the more people we can help the better!

It's not required at all, but if you use our assets in your work you can mention where you got them from and that'll help show more people that we exist


Firstly, big thanks to all our asset contributors, code contributors and translators who help us build this project, and of course all our Patrons (named in the footer below) and corporate sponsors.

This project would also not be possible without Blender, the basis of all our work and inspiration for everything we do.

Thanks also to the OpenImageIO and Next.js projects.

Cat avatars are generated based on work by David Revoy released under the CC-BY license.

Lone Monk scene used for HDRI previews created by Monorender and released as CC0.

Icons by Blender, Material Design, Octicons, Tabler Icons, Simple Icons, and Ionicons.