Poly Haven Asset Browser for Blender

We made an add-on for Blender that pulls all our assets into the asset browser, making it easy for you to drag and drop HDRIs, materials and 3D models into your scene without having to visit the website.

This is a paid product

While all our assets are 100% free and CC0, we are exploring the idea of funding our work by selling tools like this to make it easier for you to use our free assets.

So far the sales of this add-on alone have allowed us to hire new artists and set up a studio to capture more assets, work on R&D of entire new asset types, and travel around the world to capture free content for everyone.

Thanks for your support!

Choose your path...

Whether you get it on the Blender Market or Patreon, the add-on is identical. Both versions have the same features and perks, including...

1591 Assets and Counting...

All of our current and future assets at your fingertips, with new stuff nearly every day.

Early Access

Stand out from the crowd, use content that will only be public months from now.

Offline Use

Assets can be used even when offline, at 1K plus any resolutions downloaded previously.


Organized catalogs

Assets are organized according to our categories and asset types, making it easy to filter through the lists and quickly find what you need.

Our tags are also added automatically as well, meaning you can search for specific keywords too.

Resolution switching

By default assets will be imported at 1K resolution for quick previews, but you can swap to higher resolutions at any time. Most assets are available at least at 8K resolution.

Switching to a new resolution will download the files from our server and keep them on your hard drive for faster switching next time.

Auto texture scale

No more eye-balling texture sizes. Simply click the "Fix Texture Scale" button and the add-on will compare the known dimensions of our texture to your mesh surface area, calculate the exact scale multiplier and set this on the mapping node to get things looking right.

One-click displacement setup

Almost all of our materials are designed to be used with real mesh displacement, using tessellation/adaptive subdivision.

There are a few settings to change in Blender and modifiers to set up in order to get this working correctly. Rather than doing that manually, there is a "Set up displacement" button in the material panel.

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