Poly Haven Logo

While our assets are CC0, our logo is not :)

Our logo is used to identify official Poly Haven projects and is not permitted to be used by third parties except...

  1. When giving credit or attribution for using our assets.
  2. By the press when talking about Poly Haven in articles, videos, and social media.
  3. Or with written permission from us.
Poly Haven Logo Colored Full WhitePoly Haven Logo Black FullPoly Haven Logo White Full

Usage Guidelines

  • If used on a website, when possible, the logo must link to polyhaven.com.
  • You may not alter the shape, spacing, or fonts in the logo.
  • You may not alter the colors in the logo, unless the logo appears as a solid color silhouette, where you may then change the color to suit your style as long as the logo is still clearly visible.
  • Changing the color of the "Poly Haven" text to match your text color is also fine.
  • Where space permits, use the full logo + "Poly Haven" text rather than just the "P" logo alone.

Prohibited Usage

  • Commercial usage of the logo is only permitted when you are an active Corporate Sponsor. Film or video game credits are not considered commercial usage.
  • You may not display the logo more prominently than your own, nor should it appear as if the Poly Haven logo is your own logo.
  • Usage of our logo should not imply any affiliation or partnership without an associated Corporate Sponsorship account.
  • Use of the Poly Haven logo on merchandise and physical products is not permitted.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.